Vincent A. Vesce

Peekskill Mayoral Candidate
Vincent A. Vesce

Party Affiliation: Republican
Years Living in Peekskill: 47
Education: Lynn University BS of Business Administration
Profession: CEO of V Squared Strategies LLC.
Formerly Senior Manager at The Port Authority of NY & NJ.
Community Involvement: Peekskill Elks, Christopher Columbus Society of Peekskill, Peekskill Yacht Club

Vincent A. Vesce is a life-long Peekskill resident, whose family goes back four generations in the City of Peekskill. He resides in the City with his wife and three children.

Mr. Vesce holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Lynn University, is a graduate of the Assumption School, attended Peekskill High School, and is a Blair Academy Alum. He is also a member and past president of the Christopher Columbus Society of Peekskill, member of the Peekskill Elks Lodge 744 and the Peekskill Yacht Club. Mr. Vesce is also a current member of the Lynn University President’s Advisory Council.

Vincent is the owner and CEO of V Squared Strategies LLC, a national business development consulting firm specializing in the management and operation of airports and regional transportation systems. Prior to owning his own business, Vincent spent 15 years in the Aviation Department of the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, holding management positions at John F. Kennedy International Airport, as well as in the corporate headquarters located in New York City.

Better Together

As a member of the City Council, my primary goals and interests key on a few fundamentals that I believe those who hold public office at the local level should work toward. They can be summed up very simply as being the basic responsibilities that every local government has; to ensure a quality of life for its citizens that provides a safe friendly environment, to support essential services and necessary programs that serve the community in an efficient manner, to craft a welcoming business environment that will drive the community’s growth and provide opportunity for its citizens, and, finally, to create an overall civic environment that attracts individuals and families and motivates them to want to call Peekskill home.