Our Platform

Peekskill Together

A Bi-Partisan Pathway to Move Peekskill Forward

Why We Are Running

Peekskill Together is a team (Democrats and Republicans) of experienced and dedicated community leaders deeply concerned that Peekskill is stalling under the current lack of leadership exhibited by its Mayor and City Council. With your help, our bi-partisan “Peekskill Together” approach will put Peekskill — a truly great American small city — back on a path to economic stability, cultural success, community revitalization and balanced growth.

Transparency and Honest Government

The lack of transparency at City Hall has become the day in/day out way in which City business is conducted. Can anyone but a handful of contractors and political donors/insiders tell us what actually goes on in the Mayor’s office? How, for example, could a decision have been made to allow a regional homeless facility in the middle of a residential neighborhood without community input? It’s incomprehensible that such a location would even be a consideration for this type of use. It defies common sense. Yet, without a grassroots outcry by hard working residents, it would have happened.

There is no greater symbol of the city government’s lack of transparency and honesty than how the situation at the Paramount Theater has been handled. The historic Paramount is the beating heart of Peekskill — it is our pride — and yet we find it on life support.

The cause? Inattention, incompetence, mismanagement and secrecy.

Peekskill families were intentionally deceived about the true reasons behind the Paramount’s closure last year, robbing us of precious months of downtown economic activity and the ability to pursue a viable, sustainable and long term solution. That was deeply irresponsible on the part of the current Administration and we are paying the price for it now.

Progression and Compassion

The bi-partisan Peekskill Together team — Vincent A. Vesce, Lauren Brady, Marlon Mahon and Luis Segarra — share a deeply compassionate vision for Peekskill. They will strengthen and modernize its vital social safety net systems and essential city services while striking a healthy balance for hard pressed taxpayers.

Peekskill Together understands that a happy, sustainable and optimally-functioning community requires a robust small-business base; clean and vibrant streets with adequate parking facilities; excellent schools with safe, efficient transportation and state-of-the-art services for senior citizens and our neighbors in need — all coordinated daily by a competent management team.

Without competent management and a strategic vision, Peekskill will continue falling backwards instead of moving forward with purpose, clarity, and the momentum it warrants.

Painful Signs of Mismanagement

When a city is being mismanaged, you can see it. You can feel it.

We feel it under our feet while traversing broken sidewalks; under our tires as we hit pothole after pothole driving or biking around town. We cringe at the increased littering on our streets and at the so-called “zombie homes” speckled throughout our community. This isn’t what we want for Peekskill. This isn’t the Peekskill we know and love and dream of for our children, your children.

Our Vision

  • Peekskill Together envisions a meticulously clean downtown with safe, walkable sidewalks and vibrant shops and galleries filled with residents and area visitors supporting our tax base. In the center of it all, we see a thriving Paramount Theater.
  • We see academically excellent schools where the City Government partners wherever possible with the School Board to help maximize our children’s full potential.
  • We see the residents of Dunbar Heights and other Housing Authority facilities being served by an attentive and competent Housing Authority Board and a proactive and professional management team.
  • We see homes being fixed up, not condemned; an end to overcrowded and unsafe living conditions for every resident.
  • We see a smartly redeveloped Lower South Street and Riverfront District that matches its extraordinary potential as a community asset, with new transit oriented development.
  • We see our spectacular Depew Park and its special features rejuvenated and restored to their former grandeur.
  • We see our neighborhood parks safe, clean and filled with children, parents and grandparents after school and on weekends.
  • We see a realistic approach to improve Peekskill’s Environmental standards.
  • We see a carbon-neutral city government, leveraging solar, and other technologies to achieve real progress towards an environmentally sustainable future for our city.

We see a Peekskill that all can be excited about, relieved of worry about where single minded partisan politics is taking us.

All of these things can be achieved with the right leadership and management at City Hall. It will take a great deal of work, but together we will do it — each of us, all of us, moving forward together as one. This is the vision of Peekskill Together. This is our vision to fulfill Peekskill’s potential.

Please join us in making it a reality.